As explained by the City Council of Palma in a press release, electric scooters and unicycles will not be allowed to board EMT buses from October 30. Cort adopts this measure to ensure the safety of passengers and workers, says

The area of Mobility of the City Council of Palma, led by Deputy Mayor Toni Deudero, has reported that from next October 30 will prohibit access of electric scooters (VMP) and unicycles to all buses of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT).

Other autonomous communities, as is the case of Catalonia, have been ahead in the veto of scooters in the public transport network after the event that took place in Madrid. It was last Wednesday when the battery of an electric scooter burned an entire carriage, although it did not cause personal injuries. In the Balearic Islands, meanwhile, the Directorate General of Mobility, under the Ministry of Mobility, has stated that it is studying the access situation of this means of transport in the services under its jurisdiction, which are the train and metro of Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca and the intercity buses of the Transport de les Illes Balears network on the island.

As far as Palma is concerned, as explained Cort in a press release, the measure is adopted for safety reasons, “due to the danger they represent on board the buses because of their large volume, and the spaces they occupy, intended for wheelchairs or strollers”.

The Deputy Mayor added that throughout this week EMT users will be informed of the entry into force of this measure, both on board the buses and on the social networks of the municipal company.

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Photo: EMT.