The EiMa performing arts festival begins this Sunday 31 July in Maria de la Salut until 5 August. This seventh edition of the festival, directed by Mariantònia Oliver presents a risky bet on a new way of making the audience think. The festival is packed with performances, workshops and meetings that will take place in the inland Mallorcan town.

The first day of the EiMa festival will take place on 31 July at Ca ses Monges from 18:30. It’s My Party (by Meag O’Shea and Linnea Sean) will be screened. This projection is an audiovisual piece made from a workshop developed by Mallorcan women.

Then, on the first day of the festival, Troc will be on at 19:30. This performance aims to bring spectators into an immersive world of dance. The artists will approach a public space, using the furniture and the urban landscape to offer a dance linked to its surroundings. This performance by the company Sauf Le Dimanche can be seen in the Plaça des Pou i des Mercat.

Programme of performances at the Eima festival

Throughout the week, the public will have the opportunity to attend a performing arts festival with a different and innovative approach:

3rd August

Mi padre no era un famoso escritor ruso

La experiencia de un cuerpo atravesado y la narración en formato escénico de esta experiencia.

  • Scenic documentary
  • 20:00 a 00:00 Camp Deulosal
  • Bárbara Buñuelos

Paramecis i Meteorits

A reflection on the meaning of life with reference to the complexity and diversity of the smallest forms of life.

  • 20:00 a 00:00 Camp Deulosal
  • Xesca Salvà i Marc Villanueva


  • Hold evening
  • Dj Random Nancy

5th August

Lo pequeño

It has the essence of the improvised games of childhood afternoons. It is a small contemporary stage piece of absurd humour with touches of musical and suspense that makes the audience talk to their “inner little boy”. An introspective proposal

  • 19:00 a 00:00 Camp Deulosal
  • Cris Blanco, Jorge Dutor i Guillem de Palol


The fertile land of Mallorca, a terrain that raises a question. The field questions the body and the creators and their relationship with the land.

  • Tot fa Brou
  • 19:00 a 00:00 Camp Deulosal

Volumen 1

Contemporary dance piece with a statement of intent around movement, community, femininity and ritual.

  • 19:00 a 00:00 Camp Deulosal
  • Mucha Muchacha

Ella, regorda

The stage proposal speaks to us of the wild energy of women, the creative and intuitive impulses.

  • Maya Triay
  • 19:00 a 00:00 Camp Deulosal


  • Doug Galbraith

The performing arts festival of Mallorca, EiMa, has a variety of very interesting proposals in this edition. You can consult the full programme of activities on its official website.

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