Follow the 2022 Christmas lottery draw live. Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw 2022.

One more year, with a tradition of 210 years, the morning of the 22nd of December starts with the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad. Mallorca Global Mag offers you a window to the Teatro Real in Madrid. You can also find all the official information about the Christmas Lottery on the official website.

From 8:30 you can follow live, through the RTVE player on the Mallorca Global Mag website, the special programme dedicated to the 2022 Christmas Draw.
Follow the reports, interviews and all the events from the Teatro Real in Madrid live.


Christmas lottery draw 2022: follow the winning numbers

Throughout the morning we offer you the winning numbers of the 2022 Christmas lottery draw. We remind you of this year’s prizes:

sorteo lotería navidad 2022List with the prizes of the Christmas Lottery 2022 RTVE/SLAE

El Gordo: 5.490

It has come out in the fifth table.

Second prize, 04074

The second prize was drawn at 10.30 am. The 04074, awarded with 125,000 euros per tenth.

Third prize, 45250

At 12.00 h, the third prize of the Christmas Lottery, which distributes 50,000 euros per tenth, has been sung. It has fallen, above all, in the Community of Madrid.

Fourth prize, 54289, 25296

A prize that awards 20,000 euros per tenth. It has been awarded in Calatayud.

The eight fifth prizes, 62391, 43696, 88509, 38454, 24492, 79138, 36142 and 87092.

These prizes have been distributed in Alicante, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga, Vigo, Pontevedra, Seville and Madrid. The prize per tenth is 6,000 euros.

El Gordo also falls in Mallorca and Ibiza

The winning number, 05.490, has won a prize of 4 million euros per series and 400,000 euros per tenth, one of which has been sold in S’Arenal, specifically in the Sastre stationery shop. In addition to Mallorca, the number was sold in Ibiza, at the Can Bellotera bar. These two lottery administrations have distributed 800,000 euros in prizes.