The magic of Mallorcan oral tradition will take over the streets of the centre of Palma during the first edition of the Diada de ses Rondalles, to be held on Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of April. This colourful tribute to the most characteristic literary modality of the island’s popular culture is debuting with a programme full of activities, from concerts and dances to guided tours, theatrical performances and children’s games, among others. This is an excellent opportunity to spend an entertaining weekend with your partner, family or friends.

Diada de Ses Rondalles de Palma 2024

Image of the presentation of the Diada de ses Rondalles. Photo: Ajuntament de Palma.

This initiative “vindicates the cultural, social and historical dimension of the rondalles” that were passed down “orally, from grandparents to grandchildren, from parents to children, from old to new generations, and which describe and reflect the reality of that rural, peasant Mallorca, which worked in the fields from sunrise to sunset, in very different conditions to those of today”, explains Javier Bonet, Palma’s first deputy mayor and councillor for Culture.

The Diada de ses Rondalles is promoted by Palma City Council and organised by the Institució Francesc de Borja Moll with the collaboration of the Consell de Mallorca, the Institut d’Estudis Baleàrics and the Consistory of Manacor.

Ses Voltes, epicentre of the Diada de ses Rondalles

The focal point of the event will be Ses Voltes, located on the Dalt Murada walkway, although various activities on the programme will also take place in many other venues in the centre of Palma.

The programme for the Diada de ses Rondalles is packed with activities for young and old alike. Among them is the performance Rondalles mallorquines. Cinc rondalles d’en Jordi des Racó by the company Teatrix, which will tour places such as Plaça de Cort, Plaça Santa Eulària, Plaça Sant Francesc, Mirador street and Palau Reial street, and will immerse the audience in the magic of these traditional tales of the island.

Historian Gaspar Valero will take us by the hand through two routes on rondalles and legends of Canamunt and Canavall, starting from Plaça de Cort. There will also be music by Simfovents, drawing and graffiti workshops, stalls and stalls (except on Sunday afternoon), children’s games such as Iràs i no tornaràs and RONdauLLES, and a concert by the group Pitxorines scheduled for 8 pm.

The day will conclude on Sunday with the Mostra de Ball de Bot and the children’s Dimoniada.

Diada de ses Rondalles 2024 Programme

Saturday 13th April

  • 10.00h – Plaça de Cort, Parade: Departure of the Gegants i Caparrots from the Sala de Cort accompanied by xeremiers and drums. Plaça de Cort, c/ Palau Reial, Costa de Conquistador, plaça de la Reina, av. d’Antoni Maura, passeig de Baix Murada, arrival at Ses Voltes.
  • 10.30h –
    • Theatre: Demonstration of the game Iràs i no tornaràs.
    • Outside: Demonstration of the game RONdauLLES
  • 11.00h – Plaça de Cort: Itinerary Rondalles i llegendes de Canamunt, by Gaspar Valero
  • 11.30h – Main stage: proclamation and speech by the Téntol team.
  • 11.45h – Big stage: Concert by Simfovents
  • 12.45h – Small stage: Rapeja una rondalla, with la Fada Despistada
  • 13.00h – Tables: Drawing workshop Gira i encanta’t: els daus narradors, with Robert Campillo
  • 14:30h – Break
  • 16.30h – Small stage: Marathon of rondalles and music, with Roger Pistola, Jorra and Cecília Giménez
  • 17.00h – Plaça de Cort: Itinerary Rondalles i llegendes de Canavall, by Gaspar Valero
  • 17.30h – Plaça de Cort: Rondaies mallorquines, cinc rondalles d’en Jordi des Racó al cor de Palma, by the company Teatritx. Dramatised itinerary through Ciutat Antiga where we will discover the adventures of the main characters of five rondalles that take place in Palma, accompanied by Mossèn Antoni M. Alcover. Itinerary: Cort, plaça de Santa Eulàlia, plaça de Sant Francesc, carrer del Mirador and carrer del Palau Reial.
  • 18.00h –
    • Graffiti workshop Contes cubets, with Biel Nadal Barceló
    • Theatre: Demonstration of the game Iràs i no tornaràs (You’ll go and you won’t come back)
    • Outside: Demonstration of the game RONdauLLES
  • 20:00h – Pitxorines concert
  • 21:30h – End

Sunday 14th April

  • 10.30h – Theatre: Demonstration of the game Iràs i no tornaràs
  • 10.30h – Outside: Demonstration of the game RONdauLLES
  • 11.00h – Small stage: Rapejar Rondalles with the Fada Despistada (Clueless Fada)
  • 11.30h – Theatre: Drawing workshop Creació de personatges de Rondalles, with illustrator Aina Llobera
  • 12.30h – Small stage: En Joan des nas de dos pams, by Bernat Mayol
  • 14.30h – Break
  • 17.00h – Large stage: Mostra de Ball de Bot with Balladors des Raiguer (17h) and the Escola de Música i Danses de Mallorca (18h). Ending with an open dance.
  • 19.30h – End of festival with exhibition and drumming by the Dimonis de Ses Germanies and Ànimes de So.