The number of unemployed registered in the Public Employment Services Offices in the Balearic Islands stood at 31,709 in December, a figure that represents a decrease of 11.6 percent compared to the last month of 2022, with 4,142 fewer unemployed on the islands. This figure represents the largest relative fall in unemployment in the whole of Spain and is the lowest figure at the end of a year since records began.

Compared to November, there have been 1,233 fewer unemployed in the Balearic Islands, a reduction of 3.7 percent, according to data published on Wednesday by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy. Of the total number of unemployed in the Balearic Islands, 13,548 are men and 18,161 are women.

After the publication of the data, the employers’ association PIMEM again described the unemployment figures as good, but recalled the outstanding issues: the lack of skilled labour and training, the commitment to diversification, innovation and economic sustainability, and business productivity.

In Spain as a whole, unemployment registered in the offices of the public employment services registered a decrease of 130,197 people in 2023 (-4.6 percent), to a total of 2,707,456 unemployed, the lowest figure at the end of the year since 2007.

Affiliations to Social Security

The Balearic Islands closed 2023 with 472,912 Social Security affiliates after adding 14,892 affiliates (+3.25 percent) year-on-year compared to the last month of 2022, according to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration on Wednesday. Across Spain, the average number of Social Security affiliates closed 2023 at a new annual high of 20,836,010 contributors after gaining 539,740 employed people in the year (+2.7 percent), its second largest annual increase since 2018, when the system added 564,000 workers.

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