The Palma Circus Cycle 2022 reaches its second edition with the aim of making the world of the circus known to all citizens. Furthermore, the aim is for this artistic activity to occupy its rightful place on Palma’s cultural scene. The cycle has been programmed jointly with the Association of Circus Professionals of the Balearic Islands.

The festival kicks off on the 15th of December with the play “Pez” (Fish) by the Hotel Iocandi troupe at the Xesc Forteza Municipal Theatre. A juggling show in a markedly dreamlike atmosphere. Aerial acrobatics, contortionism and juggling shows will be present in this edition. Also noteworthy are the street performances. This is the case of the company Maite Guevara and her show “Qué Buen Día”. It can be enjoyed on Saturday the 17th at 12:00 in the Plaza de la Iglesia -Es Pil-larí- and at 18:00 in the Plaza Pío IX in Can Pastilla.

Finally, the Circus Cycle will end its second edition on Sunday the 18th of December with the show “Sin Ojana” by the company Sr. Chicharrón at the Teatro Municipal Xesc Forteza.

The Deputy Mayor for Culture and Social Welfare, Antoni Noguera, declared that “the festival aims to offer a wide range of proposals and shows that give a broad, global vision of the circus world in all its facets. The link between Palma and the world of the circus is demonstrated with this cycle and with the commitment to Can Ribas as a permanent space for circus creation that is closely linked to the social side of this artistic discipline”. In fact, the deputy mayor explained that the work on the old factory is nearing completion, and the new centre is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2023. For his part, Miquel Àngel Contreras assured that “one of the singularities of the festival lies in the large number of shows that will be performed free of charge in the streets”.

Programme Circus Cycle 2022

  • PEIX: Hotel iocandi Company. Thursday 15th December, 20:00. Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza.
  • MELA: Ploma Co. Friday 16 December, 19:00. Plaça Miquel Maura (façana Teatre Xesc Forteza).
  • BRAVURA: Cia. Moviments. Friday 16 December, 20:00. Teatre Xesc Municipal Forteza.
  • QUÉ BUEN DIA!: Maite Guevara Co. Saturday 17 December, 12:00. Plaça de l’Esglesia, Es Pil-larí. Saturday 17 December, 18:00, Plaça Pius IX, Can Pastilla.
  • NÜSHU: Capicua Company. Saturday 17 December, 12:30. Parc Krekovic.
  • AÜRT: Cia. Des-equilibrats. Saturday 17 December, 20:00. Teatre municipal Xesc Forteza.
  • TOT BÉ: Curolles Co. Sunday 18 December, 12:30. Parc Krekovic.
  • SIN OJANA: Chicharrón Co. Sunday 18 December, 19:00. Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza.