Alicia Comas is a young Mallorcan from Calvià, who at just 24 years old is making a name for herself as a soap opera actress in Mexico. She studied drama in Madrid and in her first years as a model she was Miss Soria 2017 and Miss Spain Tourism World 2018. She has also modelled on several occasions at New York Fashion Week. The Mexican network Televisa gave her the opportunity to appear in several soap operas and there are already a few in her filmography. These days she is visiting Mallorca to enjoy a well-deserved holiday and tells Mallorca Global Mag a little more about her professional career.

How was your arrival in Mexico, was it something planned or was it more the result of chance?

I did a casting from Spain and Televisa took me there. The truth is that I am very grateful to Televisa and how well Mexico treats me.

Do you feel more comfortable in your role as a model or are you more focused on your acting career?

Both are my great passion and I live them both in the same way.

Did you imagine when you were still living in Mallorca that you would be part of the cast of soap operas?

It was something I had thought about when I was a child and it came true.

Do you miss the island? What do you miss the most? Gastronomy, beaches, family, friends?

Of course I miss the island, my family, etc… but I know that my future is outside the country.

alicia comas mallorca

When you say you are from Mallorca, do people know how to locate the island on the map? What do people in Mexico think of your homeland?

They usually know where it is. And they love it very much, especially the beaches.

Mallorca has become an important set for national and international productions. Would you like to shoot a project on the island?

If they offered me a project here, of course I would do it.

Now that you are coming on holiday to Mallorca, how do you plan to spend your days on the island?

With family, friends, in my pool, on the beach and diving (I am a PADI certified diver).

And on a professional level, what projects are you currently working on and which ones will you be working on in the near future?

I am currently working at Televisa in Telenovelas and I am in a very big play called “Hugo, Paco y José Luís”. I’m also walking the runway at New York Fashion Week, I’ve done four shows already.

Do you think we will see you one day in a Hollywood blockbuster? Would you like to?

I hope so and I hope so.