Summer arrives loaded with new exhibition proposals in the city’s main art galleries and museums. Mallorca Global Mag brings you a complete agenda with some of the most important events until September.

Tube Gallery

In Mystic Cool, Mattia Guarnera Mac-Carthy delves into the subtle moments amidst the chaos of contemporary existence, translating photographic images into captivating paintings that serve as a visual diary of the fleeting nature of modern life. From 17 May to 21 June.
C/ Nicolau de Pacs 25.

Mattia Guarnera

Mattia Guarnera

CaixaForum Palma

Why did mammoths disappear from the face of the Earth? How did they live? How did they interact with humans at the time? Mammoth. The Ice Age Giant explores the life of these fantastic animals through a spectacular fossilised skeleton and a sculpture, among other pieces. From 4 July to 13 October.
Plaça de Weyler, 3.

Mamut. El gigante de la Edad de Hielo

Es Baluard

Tractor Buddy takes the characters in the paintings of Bel Fullana (Mallorca, 1985) to a third dimension with a cukiterrorist look that exudes an alien femininity. An ironic revision of the feminine imaginary around the aesthetics of the quinquis and poligoneras. Until 9 June.
Pl. de la Porta de Santa
Catalina, 10.

Bell Fullana. Tractor Buddy, 2024 (detalle). Cortesía de la artista.

Bell Fullana. Tractor Buddy, 2024 (detalle). Cortesía de la artista.v

Museu Fundación Juan March

Zóbel: Memory of an Instant sounds like a wonderful tribute to the painter on his centenary. The combination of a documentary screening and an exhibition featuring selections from his sketchbooks promises an intimate glimpse into his creative process and the everyday moments that inspired his work. It must be a fascinating experience for art enthusiasts and a fitting celebration of Zóbel’s legacy. If you have the opportunity, it sounds like an event worth attending before it ends on October 19th.
Carrer de Sant
Miquel, 11.

Fernando Zóbel en elestudio de Gustavo Torner en Cuenca, 1967 Foto: © Jaume Blassi

Fernando Zóbel en el estudio de Gustavo Torner en Cuenca, 1967 Foto: © Jaume Blassi

Galería Fran Reus

Eating the Middle seems to offer a thought-provoking exploration of the connections between speculative futures and obscured historical narratives. Robin Megannity’s approach of blending art historical allusions with mundane objects to create uncanny digital landscapes sounds intriguing. It appears to be a reflection on the intersection of past, present, and future, perhaps questioning our understanding of progress and continuity. If you haven’t had the chance to see it yet, it’s worth checking out before it closes on June 1st.
Pg. de Mallorca, 4.

Photo by © Grimalt de Blanch.

Photo by © Grimalt de Blanch.

CCA Andratx

The Bliss of Ignorance sounds like a compelling exhibition by Stefan Rinck and Philip Grözinger, delving into the societal tendency to seek distractions rather than confront uncomfortable truths. Their exploration of overexposure and overstimulation leading to a detachment from authenticity is quite relevant in today’s digitally saturated world. It seems like they’re inviting viewers to contemplate the consequences of our increasingly virtual and fictitious experiences. If you’re interested in thought-provoking art that addresses contemporary societal issues, this exhibition is definitely worth experiencing before it closes on September 1st.
Carrer S’estanyera, 2.

The Bliss of Ignorance


Galería Pelaires

Pelaires is presenting a double feature with two solo exhibitions opening on June 6th. A Fascination, curated by Cristina Anglada, showcases the work of Diego Delas, promising an intriguing exploration of his artistic vision. Additionally, there’s an exhibition dedicated to Julia Aurora Guzmán, which seems to be an immersive experience spread across both the Pelaires Cabinet space and the open-air courtyard. If you’re in the area, these exhibitions offer a fantastic opportunity to engage with contemporary art before they close on September 12th.
Can Verí, 3.

Obra de Diego Delas.Foto: Roberto Ruiz.

Obra de Diego Delas. Foto: Roberto Ruiz.

Nit de l’Art (21 de septiembre)

A benchmark event in Mallorca that brings new exhibition projects to the public in many galleries and museums, but also in streets, façades and squares. More information:

Nit de l'Art. Foto: © Grimaltde Blanch (cortesía de Art Palma Contemporani).

Foto: © Grimalt de Blanch (cortesía de Art Palma Contemporani).