On International Workers’ Day, 1 May, hundreds of workers marched through the streets of Palma to demand higher wages, lower prices and regulation of workloads in the hotel and catering industry

Under the slogan “raise wages, lower prices and share profits”, the Comisiones Obreras and UGT trade unions have once again called for the 1 May demonstration, which left from Plaça Espanya in Palma.

sindicatos 1 de mayo Twitter CCOO

Moment of the May 1st demonstration in Palma. Photo: twitter CCOO.

Hundreds of workers have taken to the streets in the Balearic Islands to celebrate International Workers’ Day. Under the slogan “raise wages, lower prices and share profits”, the trade unions Comisiones Obreras and UGT have gathered in Plaça Espanya in Palma to demand a rise in wages.

José Luis García, secretary general of Comisiones Obreras in the Balearic Islands, called for employers to sit down and agree on wage rises. According to García, the employers, who received aid during the covid period, now have to be responsible and distribute the benefits in a balanced way.

The secretary general of the UGT in the islands, Lorenzo Navarro, believes that a large part of the rise in prices has come at the expense of the increase in company profits. He insists that they must now be shared out fairly.

The demonstration was also attended by representatives of the left-wing political parties. As has been the case for several years, there were no representatives of the Balearic right-wing parties present.