From Wednesday, September 6 to October 21, exhibitions, sporting events, competitions and parades of floats make up the program of events of the LVII Festa des Vermar 2023 which is held once again in the wine-growing municipality of Binissalem around the culture of the grape

The proclamation of festivities in front of the Ajuntament de Binissalem and a massive battle of grapes -in which last year hundreds of young people threw almost 15 tons of clusters- give the official start on Saturday, September 16 to the LVII Festa des Vermar 2023, although the program of celebrations begins tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6.

For the moment, Binissalem already has its new ‘Vermadores’ and ‘Vermadors’ 2023 when 1,210 residents of all ages voted electronically at the Town Hall to choose among the 23 young people who presented their candidacy to represent the municipality in the Festa des Vermar 2023.

Those elected as ‘Vermadors’ were Claudia Ripoll Moyà – who will be the ‘Vermadora Major’ – Mercè Sacarés Aguayo and Laia Bestard Carbonell, and as ‘Vermadors’, Salvador Moyà Vadell and Jaume Company Ingla.

LVII Festa des Vermar 2023

The popular celebrations begin tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6 and last until October 21. These are some of the most outstanding events that fill with life these days the town of Binissalem:

festa des vermar 2023

Friday 15th September

  • At 18h in front of Can Novell ‘Benvinguda a sa Vermada’.
  • At 19.30h at the Town Hall, reception of the ‘Vermadors’ and ‘Vermadors’. Then, the procession, the ‘grup de Benvinguda a sa Vermada’ and the ‘Xeremiers’ of Binissalem will go to the church to proceed to the imposition of bands to the ‘Vermadors i Vermadors’.
  • At 20h in the church, the proclamation of the festivities, by Pep Lluis Roses Ferrer.

Saturday 16th

  • At 12h, opening proclamation of the festival. Concentration in front of the balcony of the Town Hall and official start of the festival. Then in the area of the sports center ‘Gran batalla de raïm’.
  • At 14h until 00.30h in the Plaça de l’Església ‘XXI Dinar i Festa dels Trepitjadors’. The meal will be ‘fideus de vermar’. With the performance of the Banda de Música des Migjorn Gran.

Sunday 17th

  • At 17.30h in the Plaça de l’Església, ‘XXIII Concurs de trepitjar raïm’. The concentration of the participants takes place at 17h at the corner of can Mequis (Bonaire street with Llorenç Villalonga street).

Thursday 21st

  • At 21h until 00h, XL Festa de Fideus de Vermar in Can Arabí. With the performance of the ‘Xeremiers’ of Binissalem. The City Council recommends that people go up on foot and that each person brings their own plates and cutlery.

Saturday 23rd

  • From 17.30 to 22h in the Parc de la Rectoria. XVIII Wine Fair. At 20h.
  • From 23h at Plaça de l’Església. Great verbena with the performance of ODS, Anegats, O ERRA and Duplicats.